Tales Beyond Solitude

Directed By: Holly Aylett
Produced By: Sylvia Stevens
Released : 1989
Duration: 50 min
Created For: The South Bank Show

A portrait of Gabriel Garcia Marquez – winner of the Foreign Documentary prize at the Latin American Film Festival (Havana 1989).

Gabriel Garcia Marquez rarely gives interviews, and has never before given an interview regarding his work in relation to cinema. The film explores his work in literature and cinema and his role as founder of the Foundation of Latin American Cinema. Once a year Garcia Marquez gives a six-week workshop on story-telling – from novel to film and television, including his passion for soap operas. Needless to say this has caused some controversy.

Also interviewed are two Latin American directors– Ruy Guerra and Fernando Birri, who have made films from Marquez’ stories. With the use of clips from these films, they discuss the problems of translating the quality that has come to be known as ‘magical realism’ in Marquez’ work, into cinema, and we see how these often diverse activities are all part of Garcia Marquez’ vision of a new, unified Latin American culture.