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4 DJ

4 DJ is a television DJ series with a difference. There are no screeching presenters, no chart rundowns, no ‘in-lists’. Instead it’s a series of fast-cut, character-based mini-documentaries on innovative DJs whose lives are built around music. Each eleven-minute film is shot in a location that says something about the DJ concerned - either their hometown, or a place they connect to. Each film uses a stylish blend of formats including monochrome and high-contrast super 8 to let each DJ tell their own story. DJs featured so far: Dave Seaman in Melbourne, Timo Maas in New York, James Lavelle in Barcelona, Steve Lawler in Slovenia, Amon Tobin in Montreal, Nick Warren in Iceland and Derrick Carter in Chicago.


Producer/Director: Dom Phillips

Running Time: 7 x 11 minutes