What would Jesus do?


Directed By: Daniel Wilson & Ben Crowe
Produced By: Daniel Wilson & Ben Crowe
Duration: 3 x 3 minutes
Created For: Channel 4 Television

A simple question that frames three Christian dilemmas arising from birth, marriage and death. These springtime stories reveal what can happen when Faith meets modern life.

A Christian couple are unable to have children. They traverse the ethics of fertility treatment, and wonder if they will ever have a family? Is this God’s will? Does God know best?

A Christian wants his relationship to be blessed in the eyes of God, but the Church will not accept him and his partner because they are gay. Yet despite his anger at the hypocrisy and cowardice of the Church, he keeps going each Sunday.

Life is precious: the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. But when diagnosed with a terminal illness that causes a slow, painful death, Maggie, a dancer, grapples with the ultimate decision: can it ever be right to choose one’s own death.