War Takes


Directed By: Avelaida Trujillo, Patricia Casta
Produced By: Sylvia Stevens
Released : 2002
Duration: 60 min
Created For: ZDF Germany

Filmed over 4 years, 3 Colombian filmmakers turn the camera on themselves as the violence in their country escalates – changing their lives forever.

War Takes allows us a rare opportunity to enter the privileged world of the middle classes. As Citurna expose themselves to the camera, their commitment as film-makers reveals the huge contradictions their war-torn country faces. Surreal humour is never too far away – they do things differently in Colombia! From jungle talks with guerrillas to elegant dinner parties, our characters show they can’t be judged in conventional left or right terms: their lives break through stereotypes, forcing us to consider our own preconceptions and judgements. For decades Colombia has existed in a state between legalism and lawlessness: this film gives unusual insight into the price its society has ended up paying.