Through The Looking Glass: The Andijan Massacre


Format: DVD/PAL
Duration: 55 min

Through the Looking Glass is the lost story of how hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were shot dead in Uzbekistan in a massacre that still echoes through Central Asia and a much wider world.

Silent protesters had been demonstrating for 100 days in Andijan, Uzbekistan, through 2005 to call for justice in this highly repressive state. Events came to a head in a stand off between demonstrators and the army; the military opened fire killing many as they tried to run away.

Uzbekistan, to the north of Afghanistan, is strategically critical and an emerging US ally in the Afghan war. Now, for the first time in five years, a group of survivors living abroad have decided to speak out. In full knowledge that the authorities could take revenge on their children and other relatives in prison, they have decided to appear on camera. through their personal stories, we find out how a confident, cheerful demonstration turned into a bloodbath.

Monica Whitlock was the Central Asia BBC correspondent at the time.

It was her last story from Uzbekistan and what happened at Andijan has haunted her ever since.