The Prosecutor


Directed By: Adelaida Trujillo
Produced By: Grant Keir
Released : 1996
Duration: 26 min
Created For: Channel 4

Alfonso Valdivieso is Colombia’s Attorney General. At great risk to his personal safety and that of his family, he has painstakingly compiled evidence against one of the most powerful criminal organisations in the world, the Cali drugs cartel. Today, its all leaders await trial locked in Bogota’s high security prison. Valdivieso has brought startling evidence to court revealing connections between the government and the Cali cartel – even implicating President Ernesto Samper.

The Prosecutor gains unique access to the Valdivieso family and captures the tension and stress that makes up an ordinary working day in the life of a courageous man.

‘…an effective, chilling portrait…’ Time Out, London.