The Big Chill 2004


Directed By: Dom Phillips
Duration: 30 min

Sweaty live funk, a dinner-jacketed ukulele orchestra, Senor Coconut’s cha-cha-cha version of heavy rock classic Smoke On The Water and a six-strong hen weekend in tiaras and angels wings plotting sex games… just some of the highlights of The Big Chill 04, a half-hour film documenting Britain’s favourite alternative festival. Mixing live performance, interviews with Sir Norman Jay, Tom Middleton, and festival founders Pete Lawrence and Katrina Larkin and documentary footage, The Big Chill 04 captures the surreal atmosphere of this uniquely British event, a mad hatter’s tea party for the post-dance generation, and leaves you picking grass out of your hair, almost convinced you were there.

Guardian Pick of the Day
Documentary capturing the mellow atmosphere of an alternative festival that mixes up dance music, theatre and a surreal sense of anything goes. Alongside such highlights as a dapper ukulele orchestra in dinner jackets, the likes of Norman Jay and Tom Middleton provide soundbites.