Taxi to Timbuktu


Directed By: Christopher Walker
Produced By: Peter Day
Released : 1995
Duration: 52 min
Created For: Channel 4

Alpha drives a taxi in New York – when he arrived in the city he fell in love with the limousine and had to learn how to drive. Day and night he crosses the city keeping out of trouble – guns, traffic jams, and stroppy passengers. Last year 47 drivers, mainly Africans were murdered. “Where are you from?” asks a fare, “Mali – that’s M-A-L-I, the country is very poor and very dry so we come here, make some money and send it back to the family.”

From New York to Paris to Tokyo to the edge of the Sahara, Alpha and his village are fighting for their lives.

A story of Africa and the world at the end of the 20th century.