Directed By: Sylvia Stevens
Produced By: Trisha Ziff
Released : 1994
Duration: 55 min

Primarily the story of a Mexican-American family in Fresno (the family of Leoncio Sanchez Mejia and Mercedes Ascencio Mejia and their immediate relatives) from the state of Oaxaca who began moving to America as legal and illegal immigrants in the late ’40s. The men of the family work or operate businesses as gardeners and landscapers.

The film shows the ‘Oaxaca Californians’ in a variety of daily routines – work, cultural and social. A great deal of attention is given to generational differences in the family and the cultural conflicts the younger people face as Mexicans born in the United States. The film is also about the emotional and cultural ties this family still feel for Mexico and as Mexicans, especially as represented by the annual trips back to the elder generation’s visit back to their home village.