Love Snatched: Forced Marriage and Multiculturalism


Format: DVCam
Directed By: Gita Sahgal
Produced By: Sylvia Stevens
Released : 2001
Duration: 35 mins

This video tells the stories of several young peoples’ fight for freedom. Shipa and Sufian were nearly prevented from marrying. Anisha was abducted from her boyfriend John and compelled to marry. Narina, describes her remarkable escape from the threat of a forced marriage, along with her two sisters.

 Lawyers and activists situate forced marriage as a violation of human rights and critique multiculturalism as a social policy which has ignored crimes committed in the name of upholding religious and cultural values. The police and the Foreign Office discuss frankly how they have changed their policies and say what they can do to help.

The video contains examples of good and bad practice and will assist all those dealing with the problem of forced marriage. It will be useful for training teachers, social workers, police, lawyers and other professionals, refugee and women’s groups.