Love Honour and Disobey


Format: VHS and DVD
Directed By: Saeeda Khanum
Produced By: Sylvia Stevens
Released : 2005
Duration: 58 mins

“I just want to run away but where would I go? This family, this culture, society, they will never accept me, they will think, what sort of woman is she, she’s bringing shame to our family, to our family honour”

For 25 years a small group of women, Southall Black Sisters, have been working to combat domestic violence and help women who have been abused. ‘Love, Honour and Disobey’ tells the story of domestic violence in Britain’s black and ethnic minority communities.

The film interweaves powerful personal testimony from abused women. Getting to the heart of the multicultural debate it looks at all forms of domestic violence, ranging from honour killings to forced marriages.