Hard Drive


Directed By: David Fox, Christopher Walker
Produced By: Peter Day
Released : 1997
Created For: Channel 4

When RAND invented the internet they didn’t expect a new generation of techno-subversives and neo-luddites would try to destroy it from within. Hard Drive is a road movie that begins with Eugene Oregon as he drives through L.A and across the border and ends in the mountains of Chiapas, checking out the trenches of the information war on the way.

“Brilliant images, great lines and wonderful characters instill a seductive weirdness to the tale… An extraordinary road movie set in the dying embers of a cyber conflagration that has left big business government and the military establishment with the upper hand… Hard Drive is a primer to grass root politics on the net…” (The Guardian, August 1997)

1 x 55 minutes for Channel 4 Independent Film and Video. 1997

Sold to Ardeche Images Production, Planete Cable, SBS Australia