Dream Huts


Directed By: Emma Black
Produced By: Grant Keir
Released : 1993
Duration: 26 min
Created For: BFI/Eastern Arts/Channel 4

The English like their traditions. The bright painted beach huts of Southwold are a rainbow of colour along the Suffolk coastline. They are a typically English obsession. Dream Huts evokes a world of stoic souls braving biting winds under the all too often grey skies of East England, and observes them as they gather year round to enjoy their homes-away-from-home.
Dream Huts features two retired sisters, Rose and Millie, who swim in the sea all year round; a young business woman who inherited her hut from her grandmother; a retired hotelier and the new incomers, the Bennett family from London. We also meet the father and son team who built and have maintained the huts since the 1930s.