Colombus, O!


Directed By: Sylvia Stevens
Produced By: Sylvia Stevens
Released : 1992
Duration: 26 min
Created For: Channel 4 International

Christopher Colombus never made it to Ohio. This is one of the few undisputed facts surrounding 1992. Yet Colombus, Ohio is the largest city in the world which bears his name for no apparent reason.

The Ohio Committee has been preparing, since 1985, the ‘Ameriflora ‘92’, a glorified flower show which provides the centre piece of the US Colombus Quincentennial celebrations. Opened by President Bush, in true traditional style the Native American participants were asked to leave the ceremony which celebrated their ‘discovery’.

Organisers of the event by-passed more picturesque sites on the banks of the Ohio river and in the interests of ‘urban renewal’ located the Ameriflora in Franklin Park, the heart of the black community, disturbing the fabric of the community.

Colombus O! is an off-beat contemplative film set in Colombus, Ohio, against the backdrop of celebration.  We discover life in America 500 years on through the stories, histories and dreams of the various passers-by.