4Music: 4DJ


Directed By: Dom Phillips
Produced By: Dom Phillips
Released : 2002
Duration: 7 x 11 mins
Created For: Channel 4 Music

4DJ is a television DJ series with a difference.  There are no screeching presenters, no chart run-downs, no ‘in-lists’.  Instead it’s a series of fast-cut, character-based mini-documentaries on innovative DJs whose lives are built around music.  Each eleven-minute film is shot in a location that says something about the DJ concerned – either their hometown, or a place they connect to.  Each film uses a stylish blend of formats including monochrome and high-contrast super 8 to let each DJ tell their own story. DJs featured so far: Dave Seaman in Melbourne, Timo Maas in New York, James Lavelle in Barcelona, Steve Lawler in Slovenia, Amon Tobin in Montreal, Nick Warren in Iceland and Derrick Carter in Chicago.