No Pies for 200 Yards: A Film About Mr Scruff

Directed By: Dom Phillips
Produced By: Dom Phillips
Released : 2003
Duration: 24 min
Created For: Channel 4

Combining original animation with all-access documentary footage, ‘No Pies for 200 Yards’ profiles the self-depreciating Mancunian DJ phenomenon during a tour earlier this year. At a time when dance music is going down the toilet, Mr Scruff – the antithesis of a ‘superstar’ DJ – regularly sells out venues as large as London’s Forum. Gilles Peterson, Alexis Petridis and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals appear in a film that surreally flips from a VW bug ball in Cornwall to the Stockport Viaduct to a hilarious backstage encounter with an indignant West Country rave dancer.