Invisible Picture Show Wins

One World ‘Google Digital Media Award’


Tim Travers Hawkins’ documentary about children in immigration detention centres around the world, was one of three nominees for the award, alongside The Guardian’s Walled World and France24’s Iranorama.

The jury described it as:

“a very powerful and haunting piece of work. The evocative and creative treatment was a virtue, achieved by combining the sound of real voices with the immersive style of a graphic novel. The children involved and their stories are, by definition, hidden, and this project brought them to our attention with an emotional intensity unusual in digital story-telling.”

The One World Awards recognize “strong vibrant and independent media that empowers citizens, promotes justice and contributes to international development” and the Google- sponsored Digital Media Category is specifically aimed at innovative online forms.


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Our friends of Counterpoints Arts say:

Invisible Picture Show

Directed By: Tim Travers Hawkins

Producer: Andy Noble

Executive Producers: Sylvia Stevens and Caroline Spry

A Faction Films Production


Contact Tim Travers Hawkins on or Sylvia Stevens on


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Faction Films’ friends need your help!



This is a fascinating story which they need to keep filming! They are trying to get quick funding via KS  before heading into the deepest Amazon.

They need more hits on the KS page + donations of any amount (a few bucks!) and then Kickstarter will really push the project.

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Trinkets & Beads - The Sequel

Trinkets & Beads – The Sequel


A Stud In Libya

“Given horseracing’s long and illustrious history, it is rare indeed that we are privileged to witness the birth of a new racing nation. Even more excitingly, Sylvia Stevens, of Faction Films, has been

filming the process right from the start, chronicling a nation rebuilding itself through its love of the horse”.

This quote introduces a powerful article by Ireland based horseracing journalist and broadcaster Lissa Oliver on Thoroughbred Racing Commentary. The article is about Libya’s emerging role in the

international horse world. Faction Films has been filming at Dr Amad Shaab’s featured stud outside Tripoli for the past year.

Our documentary A Stud In Libya follows life at the stud and the extraordinary story of the rebuilding of the country’s ancient horse culture.

To keep in touch about progress with the documentary email us at


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